Nhe's new hospital

Thank you for your interest in building a new evangelical hospital in Barcelona!!!.

Yes, we are projecting this construction and you can help us.

Why a new hospital

The current infrastructure is dated. Restoring the building is not an option and maintenance costs are prohibitive.

In order to meet healthcare quality standards and to be coherent with our Christian values, we are in need of a new structure.

The construction of a new building will make the vision with which the hospital was born a reality: setting a benchmark for quality healthcare in Barcelona while being a point of mission and witness.

The project

We are working to have, in the next 4 years, a new, modern, functional, open and innovative building, equipped with the latest technologies. A space where we can expand and continue carrying out our mission.

We will build an 8.500 square meter (91.500 square foot) hospital with 165 beds in order to care for 2.400 patients and families a year, a 70% increase over present figures.

This project includes the construction of facilities for a church inside the hospital, thus expanding the presence of the Evangelical community in an area with little Christian witness.

We want to be able to serve the growing needs of the elderly people in an area of the city where 32% of them live alone, have few resources and are in risk of social exclusion. That is the case of Maria, a 82 year-old women who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, who has no relatives, nor income, and is unable of taking care of herself. We want to provide her quality health and social services that come from Christian love and respect, giving her spiritual hope.

There is a clear need for a hospital like ours. This is the reason why moving the hospital has the support of local institutions.

How can you help us

Throughout the history of the hospital, we have been able to face new challenges and changes thanks to countless donations and bequests, adapting the Hospital to the needs of every situation.

The projected cost of the new building is $12.8 million. We already have 60% of the construction costs in properties and legacies. We also have an agreement with local health authorities guaranteeing long term revenue and the sustainability of the future activities in the new hospital. Construction of the new building is scheduled to begin in 2018-19.

Support from Evangelical believers, churches and foundations worldwide who share this vision is urgent and indispensable to undertake this ambitiosus project, which will guarantee the continuity of the Nou Hospital Evangèlic as the image, symbol and reference of the Evangelical community in Barcelona, keeping its Christian witness alive.

During the Spanish Civil War we received international relief from the US, British and Swiss consulates. Thanks to them we were able to help people suffering great hardship during the war. Today, 80 years later, the international Evangelical community has a new opportunity to partner with us, helping to give life to this new project.

Help us make it a reality!


For MORE INFORMATION on this project, please write us on this form or call us at 011 34 932 859 955